Manual therapy is not a luxury. It's a way to a healthier, happier life.

I am fully qualified and insured to offer a range of individualised & professional treatments.


Appointments can be made at Manor Barn clinic in Canterbury.


Gift vouchers are available.

Back Massage

Musculo-skeletal Therapy

This is a diagnostic and therapeutic treatment to rebalance and treat your body. The first treatment will involve a full consultation and review of your medical history. 

Informed by my degree in osteopathic medicine I facilitate rebalancing the bony structure and unwind the musculature. As well as prescribe exercises to support your rehabilitation.

For the first appointment please allow 1 hour 30 minutes. Follow-up appointments will require 1 hour. 


Craniosacral therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a subtle technique, working with the body's inherent healing mechanism, which has a palpable rhythm of its own. It also works at different tissue levels, as needed. it is very gentle but the effects are no less powerful than deeper tissue work.


Patients can leave clothes on receiving this treatment, preferably light clothing; nothing with thick heavy seams, like jeans.

This technique is so usefuI that I use it at the end of every therapeutic treatment to ensure the body feels in rhythm with the changes made. 

Back Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Massage can also work deeper into your tissues to breakdown knotty muscular fibrosities caused by lack of use and stress as well as bad postural habits. Working through stubborn adhesions in muscles and fascia, potentially freeing neural pathways and removing stagnant sensitising chemicals that can irritate and cause painful trigger points.


Massage brings oxygenation and nutrition to thoroughly revitalise and heal on a physiological and metabolic level. A deep tissue massage can be used to target specific issues caused by lifestyle, including sports. 

Head Massage

Mindful Massage

This is a powerful combination of techniques to encourage deep body and mind relaxation with positive suggestions. Researchers in this new area are calling it self-directed neuroplasticity. 


Getting the body to relax is key to deeper mind relaxation and this can be used to deepen direct action for positive change and new habit formation. First session will be 90 minutes to include consultation.  All follow up appointments will be 60 minutes.