Therapy & Me

I am dedicated to the holistic pursuit of wellness of body and mind. I have over 20 years experience with continued professional development and research to provide a multidisciplinary approach that informs each element of my work.


Personally, I  a mum to three boys, a wife and business owner.  We all know the full lives we have throw up a myriad of obstacles. The challenge is to love it all and I am here to facilitate, with you, finding that middle way toward balanced health. I believe we can all achieve a happy medium in body and mind by fusing manual therapy with deep relaxation and hypnotherapy techniques. We all have the freedom to choose good habits and make life long changes that will work towards health, happiness and harmony.

On a spiritual level I look to deepening connections, not just to myself, but to a thriving community, as well as encompassing dignity of all life, exploring positive lifestyle changes with exercise, nutrition and clean living, and using ethical products and companies.  Creating peace and trust in our environment, while recognising that the interactions with people and challenges in our lives complete us on our journey. We are all here to do our human revolution and learn from life whilst mastering the art of feeling absolutely happy about it. 


Gemma Swain

BSc. Ost Med Dip. Naturopathy Dip. Hypnotherapy & Counselling BSc. Fitness & Health

Osteopathy & Naturopathy
Fitness &
Hypnotherapy & Counselling